13. 8. 2013

Puppies are almost 2 months... Slowly starting to go to new homes...
They are cuddled, well socialized with dogs, cats, people, kids :)
Mr. Light Blue
show quality / standardní


Catch Your Heart Anima Animal

Mr. Dark Blue
pet quality (3 crowns) / nestandard (3 korunky)


Call To Heaven Anima Animal

Mr. Green
pet quality (3 crowns) / nestandard (3 korunky)


Crown Prince Anima Animal

Mr. Black
show quality / standardní


Claim to Fame by Anima Animal

Miss Grey
pet quality (ridgeless) / nestandard (bezridge)


Close Ridge In Heart Anima Animal

Miss Orange
show quality / standardní


Cry of the Wild Anima Animal

Miss Gold
show quality / standardní


Cute For A Reason Anima Animal

Miss Violet
show quality / standardní


Come Up With Dreams Anima Animal

Miss Pink
show quality / standardní


Cape of Good Hope Anima Animal

Miss Brown
show quality / standardní


Cross the Destiny Anima Animal

Miss Yellow
show quality / standardní


Carry on With Love Anima Animal

Miss Red
show quality / standardní


Crystal Eyes for Anima Animal

Pics from 5+6th week are HERE
If you are interested, don´t hesitate to contact me! :)

20. 7. 2013

Time flies so fast! Puppies will have 1 months on Monday...
They are great, playing, running together, eating dog food.
Cathy still feeding them and go to walks finally, so she will be back in condition soon I hope!
Keira wants to play with them only, she is just puppy still ;)
Every day we have some visits here, so it is perfect socialization for babies!

Profile pics from 20th day is HERE
(click on pic)

Beautiful pics of heads from 23rd day HERE :)
(click on pic)

And next stacks - 24rd day - click on pic!

Next photos you can find here:
8th day with bear
1st week
2nd week
3rd week

And I promise, I will update it here soon :)
Some puppies are still available, don´t hesitate to contact me!!
27. 6. 2013

Cathy decided to keep her babies in secret to 63rd day of pregnancy :)
First girl was born at 15:33.
Birth was without complications, Cathy was just amazing! Drinking, eating, cooperating.
We have 12 beautiful healthy babies, 4 boys and 8 girls

I´m do happy that everything is done and that this litter is sich great!
Many thanks to Tatiana that I could use Yudjin in my breeding plan, to Edyta for all help for
my dream come true...
To my girls for perfect assistance by birth, to Zdenka for my Cathy and control of litter.
 And to all of you for thinking on us, keeping fingers crossed, for so nice messages and calls...
I think this litter is really DREAM!
Cathy, thank you soooo much for puppies

Profiles of puppies you find HERE
 if you are interested about puppy from this exclusive litter, don´t hesitate to contact me,
some of them are still available :)
20. 6. 2013

Our beloved "B" team celebrates 2 years today!
Crazy, how time flies... Lots of health mainly, long walks full of running,
many friends, always full bowls and hearts full of love!
Love you, darlings!!

I though that Cathy gives to them special b-day present - small siblings..
But it looks like she enjoys pregnancy too much, doesn´t hurry ;)
Temperature still 38°C and she is eating and relaxing...
Keeping fingers crossed for us!

14. 6. 2013

Fast info from busy time before birth - news in 
Pregnancy diary!

7. 6. 2013
I´m sorry for no updates on our web last time, but I´m trying to end my school year as soon as possible
and in last few days we had big problems with BIG water here in Prague...
Today we have sun finally, so I did few new pics :)
Actual measures are 87cm belly and 78cm waist (48th day)

Small competition for you - write me which day and how many puppies (boys + girls) born,
winner can choose 1 collar free :)
Your tips send to mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
16. 5. 2013

Last weekend I was with girls on cottage. Cathy loves it there and I wanted to take her
to nature before her belly will grow and she will only relax at home :)
And I did well because on today sonography we saw that our summer will be full of puppies!

Cathy 22th day of pregnancy

Planned birth - 22th June. I´m ging to update pregnancy diary so you can see how
mummy-to-be is growing :)
Many thanks to our friends for sweet calls, messages and fingers crossed!
I´m so happy that you are with us!
30. 4. 2013

Cathy celebrated her 6th birthdays!
My red wheaten darling, for your sixth birthday I wish you especially health minimaly for the next 100 years,
many runnings on coursing and jumpings on agility, crazy games with your friends,
where all the time you behave like a little puppy, and enough of everything that you like so much.
Whether you never leave your wonderful character and always a great mood,
because of it you've changed my life 180 degrees :) The other things I can give you,
so try to be here with me as long as possible!!
♥ You're unique, I love you! ♥

She planned B-day present... trip to Poland ;)

Insemination with frozen sperm - 21. a 23. 4. and I hope this trip will be successful!
Info about planned litter is 

Next presents were coming:

Be Golden Secret by AA - SIMBA (Bulgaria) - 
HD A/A, ED 0/0 + blood and thyroid gland - normal
Be African Miracle AA - GRINGO (France) - STUD DOG

2 girls from "B" litter Keira and Sheila passed on Saturday breeding exam of CKRR!

Be Amazing Keira by AA & Be Red-Hot Lady AA
Big congrats and many thanks to Renata for great care about Sheila :)
photo © Jitka Ludvíková

Both girls too were on XI. Specialty show CKRR
Judge: Steffen Shock (DE, JOHOKWE)
In the full intermedia class Sheila obtained EXCELLENT with nice judgement,
Keira with her handler 
Terrie did great job with:

Many thanks to Terrie for perfect handling!
photo © Marta Ryšavá

And from other way than only healthy and shows results...
I can´t forget on my 3 coursing enthusiasts who are not only healthy and beatiful... but too really fast!! :)

From left (photo © Jana Holoubková):
RICHIE (Be One´s Boy by Enzo AA)
ENZO (Be Lion-Hearted Hero AA)
ANINKA (Be Unique Angel AA)
Many thanks to owners for great care and love!

6. 4. 2013

First new of this year :)
I´m really curious what will come now!
More about planned litter HERE :)
We were little bit busy from January, so sorry for no update on web :)
I promise, I will do more now!

First results of healthy tests of babies "B" litter:

Be Loved Forever AA - MARWIN (Sweden) - HD A/A, ED 0/0
Be African Miracle AA - GRINGO (France) - HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD negative + blood + thyroid gland - good
Be Red-Hot Lady AA - SHEILA (CZ) - HD A/A, ED 0/0
... and finally my puppy
Be Amazing Keira by AA- KEIRA
HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD negative
LTV negative
spondylosis negative
Can´t say how I´m happy and proud that babies are beautiful, calm and healthy!!
Many thanks to owners for their care and perfect messages ;) Hope next ones are comming!

Happy Easter to all our friends :)

And what about some shows successes...? :)
With girls I was on CACIB Brno and we did great!
Keira in intermedia (3/17):
"Almost 2 years old noble bitch with excellent modeled head, scissors bite, dark eye, excellent line of the neck, correctly long back, nice chest, correct angulation with beautiful movement, correct coat and rigde, nice presentation"

Cathy in open (4/15):
 "6 years old elegant bitch, excellent head, excellent lines, correct angulation and movement"
+ personal comment - "she is BEAUTIFUL! looks like 2 years old" ;) it warmed my heart... she has perfect personality and is in condition like 2-3 years old bitches...
Star of my kennel is slovak princess ZARI (Be Dazzling Diamond AA).
Last year she did great job with titles - JUNIOR CHAMPION of SLOVAKIA and candidate on JCH Croatia and Hungary.
With JCH SK she went to the most prestigious show CHAMPION of CHAMPIONS SK and she shined...
and she has title

French king GRINGO (Be African Miracle AA) on international show:

"A" boys had 3rd birthday on 18th March 2013!
We wish you strong healthy mainly... Other things you have in your perfect homes :)

And last one for today :)
We were in the studio with the most talented photographer ever - 
Markéta Nováková.
Many thanks for great afternoon with AMAZING pictures!! ♥

(for all album click on pic)
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