7. 6. 2013
(54rd day)
Waist 84cm, belly 94cm.
Small kinder surprise - still happy and hungry with wagging tail!

7. 6. 2013 
(48th day)
I´m sorry for break here.. Update pics you can see on our FB page HERE
Cathy is full of joy and energy, still wagging tail and eat everything!
Measures of our model: 78cm waist, 87cm belly :)
How many puppies (boys + girls) and which day will born?
Winner can choose 1 collar free ;) Tips you can send to mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
17. 5. 2012
(27th day)
Cathy has got small pregnant anorexia, she wants only taste things like always ;)
I have started to feed both girls with Taste of the wild dog food before 3 weeks,
yesterday I tried Mastery which I gived to Cathy 6 years and she was spiting it on me :)
16. 5. 2013
(26th day)
SONOGRAPHY shows us that our summer will be full of work ;)
12. 5. 2013
(22th day)
I think sonography wouldn´t be neccessary ;)
21. + 23. 4. 2013
(16th and 18th day)
6. 4. 2013
Start of heating :)
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