Polish „love story“ aka next experiences of breeder (AI with frozen sperm)

When your plans aren´t so simple like they looked like... On this place I want to say BIG thanks to Edyta (CHS Sangoma), who gived me hand for help with Yudjin´s frozen sperm! She brought me his sperm (750km) and gived me contact to AI specialists in Wroclav (Prof. Dr. Nizanski). Edyta, thank you so much, you are just perfect!! :)

Cathy started her heating time 6th April, level of progesterone 10th day was 0,89ng/ml, vaginal cytology with normal examination, more oval cells. Tests again 13th day, progesterone 2,05ng/ml, cytology without changes. After mails with polish clinic we decided to do next tests in Poland.

21th April (16th day) we were on trip to Poland with Terrie. Vaginal cytology – 80% cells ready for insemination, progesterone 24ng/ml and sonography of ovaria, where folicules were too ready!

First insemination in the evening.

22th April (17th day) – cytology, level of progesterone, sonography again… 26ng/ml, sonography better than yesterday…We decided to do second insemination on the morning next day

23th April (18th day) – second insemination and back home!

I want to say many thanks for all team members, mainly  Dr. Nizanski for perfect care about Cathy in this 3 days, they are really professionals and I´m not scaried about AI now :)

Now we are waiting and hope it was successful trip for us!
If you have some questions about AI, don´t hesitate to contact me :)

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